Novel, Chapter 1

I began a novel for NaNoWriMo.  I’m pretty excited about my progress so far, and I thought I’d share a bit with you.

I’m planning on getting it published when I finish with it, and I’m about half of the way done with it.

Chapter one

The boring life

Tick Tock Tick Tock

The clock echoed in the spacious office.  Time flows, without meaning.

She scribbled away at her desk.  Who knew that the corner office would be so much work!

Zoe was putting the finishing touches on her report, Multidimensional Transmorphic objects.  Piles of papers that had to be dealt with sat in her inbox.  Even today, they still relied on the tried-and-true paper method.  Something about the physical paper in your hands brings back nostalgia.

She reached over and tapped the desk.  The three dimensional display of her report popped up.  With a flick of her hand, she flicked through the pages of MTO and satisfied, snatched the report and headed out of her office.

Zoe walked down the hall with purpose.  Today was an important day.  She had been working on the theoretical models of mutating, cross dimensional objects for months, and had finally finished her work.  A major project like this, solved so efficiently and quickly, usually meant a promotion.

Zoe was an ordinary girl in most regards.  She worked hard, and was a top performing workaholic.  An introvert, she did nearly all of her work by herself, only gaining input after she had a decent model created.  Even then, the input was minimal at best.

Somewhat tall, Zoe had a decent complexion and frame.  Nothing to brag about, but she was pretty.  She had wavy dirty blonde hair, and kept it hid up in a bun.  She wore glasses, and didn’t put on makeup.

She lived for her work.  Most days were spent in the office, and on her projects.  No social life to speak of, Zoe’s evenings consisted of TV dinners and sleep.  On the weekends, she pondered theory, while relaxing in her reclining chair.

Zoe’s footsteps clacked the marble floor as her heels hit.  Zoe didn’t typically wear heels, but it’s not very often she meets with her boss.  Her black skirt complemented her white blouse.

Susan Birmingham.  Susan was Zoe’s boss.  Genetics had favored Susan.   She had long, flowing silky brown hair, and looked like a supermodel.  Susan was the person that they coined the term ‘hourglass figure’ after.  Confident and cocky, she came across somewhat as a bitch.  Perhaps it was her unnatural genius-level talent and wisdom.

Zoe stepped up to the office.  The modern design of the building used lots of glass, accented by metal.  The offices were all giant, one-way glass walls.  Like the rest of the office, everything was automatic.  By walking to the office, Susan was alerted to Zoe’s presence.  When she was ready, Susan would allow Zoe to enter.

A door shaped opening appeared in the glass in front of Zoe.  She stepped into the office.

“I see you’ve completed the report.  Thank you Zoe.  I will review it, and get back to you.  I’ve sent a new project for you to work on while you wait.”

Susan had an eerie knack of being able to tell what was going on.  It’s as if she had read Zoe’s mind.  It took a while for her to get used to it, but Zoe had been Susan’s busy bee for a long time.

“Thank you Susan, I’ll get right to it.”

The exchange was quite short.  Not nearly as dramatic as Zoe anticipated.

She walked back out of the office, and the glass wall closed behind her.

Her breathing increased, her pupils dilated, and her pulse quickened.  What was happening?  Zoe felt calm, yet it was as if she was having a panic attack.  Not knowing what else to do, Zoe headed back towards her office.

Fear slowly crept into her thoughts.  What is happening to her?

She reached her office, and the glass opened.  Halfway through the door, a glimmer of light caught the corner of her eye.  Looking down the long hallway towards her boss’ office, Zoe saw a strange shimmering object, unlike anything that she had seen before.  The object disappeared down another hall as abruptly as it had appeared.

Zoe’s curiosity was piqued.  Maybe the object had something to do with her fear.  Despite being out of breath, Zoe ran down the hall.

Clack clack clack her heels went.  “Damn, I should’ve worn normal shoes” Zoe thought.

Reaching the end of the hall, she turned towards where the object went.  As she turned, a brilliant light filled her eyes.  It was like a spotlight, overwhelming her vision, not allowing her to see anything else.


Suddenly, Zoe was back in her office.  Her report was in her hand.

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