Nike+ Walk to Run Workout Calendar

For a long time, it’s been my goal to run a marathon.  My brother, Roger, and I have the goal of running the PF Chang’s marathon next year and have recently begun to train for it.  We have been following the Nike+ Walk To Run schedule, and I formatted all of the workouts in excel in the form of a calendar, complete with spaces to put gold stars.

Nike plus is a great resource to maintain a motivation to run.  By allowing you to track your progress, pace, goals, and distance, you have a lot of data to track your progress.

So far, we’ve followed the schedule pretty well, occasionally switching days up as we needed to (blue stars, and ‘X’s).  I hope you find it as useful as I have.

As promised, here’s the calendars:

January Nike+ Workout Calendar

Febuary Nike+ Workout Calendar

They’re in XLSX. Most people I know can access this format, but if you can’t, post a comment and I’ll upload the XLS format.

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