Starting your day right

Starting your day on the right foot is important. It allows you to maintain high levels of productivity, have a sense of well-being, and will allow you to be your best.

Go to bed

A lesson that I recently learned was that in order to wake up on time, I need to go to bed on time. If you go to bed on time, you will be completely refreshed in the morning when you need to get up. As a college kid, I’ve found that this act alone improves my concentration tenfold while in class, and allows me to absorb much more information. Previously, I had been going to bed several hours later than I should have, and I was practically falling asleep in my classes. The only way I was staying up was to drink a lot of caffeine. After I decided to quit caffeine, I went through a period of withdrawal, where my body forced me to catch up on sleep. I felt lethargic for several weeks after I quit caffeine, but much healthier. When I finished this period of catch-up, I found that it was much easier for me to focus and remember things.

Even if you’re not going to quit caffeine, I strongly urge you to go to bed on time. You will be much more alert and productive throughout the day.

Plan your day out

Before you go to bed, plan out your day step-by-step. If you’re feeling a bit groggy in the morning, this allows you to not have to think or make decisions in a sleepy state. By creating a plan, you will be more productive, and be able to accomplish more. By making a step-by-step plan the night before, you will keep your focus on what you plan to accomplish throughout the day.

Create a morning routine
Some people ritualize hitting the snooze button until the last possible moment, and then rushing out the door with a cup of joe. By choosing to create a routine in the morning, you set yourself up to be much more successful throughout the day.

What should you do in the morning? The answer to this question is highly individualized, but there are several things we should all do. For instance, you should always eat breakfast. There are many studies showing that eating breakfast is beneficial to your health, including helping you lose weight.

The activities that you include in your morning routine should help you to revitalize body, mind, and spirit. Personally, I love to run in the morning because it sets the mood for the rest of the day. While running, I focus on the movement of my body, and enter into a meditative state. I strongly recommend that you do something physical in the morning, because it gets your blood flowing, and boosts your energy levels.

Other suggestions for morning routines include: meditating, drinking a glass of water, spending a predetermined amount of time on an unpleasant task (such as when I spend 30 minutes a day searching for scholarships), reading, practicing something important to you, responding to email, working on your business (like marketing), and practicing a hobby.

If you implement these suggestions, I promise you that you will become more productive throughout your day, and feel much better about yourself.

– Neal

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