Embracing Your Weirdness

A pattern I’ve noticed recently is that the happiest people I see disregard the aspect of trying to be normal. Many times these individuals dress differently, talk about unpopular subjects, act from their morals, disregard social pressure, and are usually successful.

Instead of trying to live up to your perception of what the world views as “normal,” I challenge you to embrace your weirdness.

Let’s dissect this previous sentence a bit. First off, what is “normal”? I argue that there is no such thing. As I said, it’s your perception of what the world views as “normal,” not what “the world” actually views. Therefore, because your perceptions may be flawed, you may not actually be striving towards a “normal” lifestyle as you think you are.

Who is “the world” anyways? Your friends? family? strangers? Why do they get to decide what is normal? Why can’t you define your own unique way of acting and dressing as normal? Then there would be a lot of weirdos out there. 🙂

Taking these two points aside, why would you want to live up to a pre-defined standard like that anyways? What are the benefits and consequences of disregarding the standard? Perhaps some ways of acting and dressing are more conductive to you becoming a successful person than others. However, how do you know which ways of acting are more conductive?

Lets say that you really like M&M’s. What if, instead of wearing a dress-shirt to a job interview, you wore a button-up shirt with a M&M’s pattern instead. I’m sure your potential employer would at least remember you a lot more than most of the other applicants, especially if s/he loves M&M’s as well. Maybe, by wearing the different, weird shirt, you are chosen. How could you know if you didn’t try it?

I’m not necessarily advocating trying this, except on a job interview where you didn’t really want the job anyways. Keep in mind that many of the people you are trying to get a job from also try to conform to “normal”. What sort of other situations could you think of that you could test out your weirdness on?

The point that I’m trying to get at with this post is that you need to be yourself. Don’t be a sheep, doing and acting what the crowds determine is the ‘correct’ path to take. Do what feels right to you. Act in a manner that makes you feel good inside.

I’ve experienced a great benefit in my life when I decided to act like this. After being single for a significant period of time, I stopped caring about acting like what I thought I should act like. Instead, I embraced my nerdiness, talked about the interests and passions I wanted to talk about, dressed how I wanted to dress, and in turn became much more relaxed in the process. I began to finally stop chasing “normal” and embrace who I really was. Shortly after I did this, I met someone who was just as nerdy and fun as I was.

Life is too short to not enjoy it. Embrace your true self and embrace your weirdness!

– Neal

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