Ideas on how you can develop yourself

Short post this week and the next couple of weeks, it’s crunch time at school.

In my experience, it’s been pretty clear on what I need to improve on next. You can usually tell what you’re lacking on skill-wise, and you should chip away at that. For instance, I’ve been getting a bit overwhelmed lately because of school, but I realize that I’m not using my time as effectively as I should. Therefore, I should work on time management and productivity.

However, sometimes you don’t always realize what you can do now that will develop yourself as well as potentially ease the difficulty of some of the other tasks that you are working on.

For instance, lets say that you’re having a hard time finding a date. You may realize that you’re shy, and that you really need to talk to more people, but you’re having a hard time creating meaningful conversations. Something that may help this that you haven’t realized is learning how to speak publicly. By boosting your public speaking stat, you also boost your creating relationships stat.

Here are some of the habits that you can form that can help you grow as an individual:


  • waking up earlier
  • drinking a glass of water when you first get up
  • exercising daily
  • eating more home-cooked meals
  • eating healthier meals
  • meditating


  1. creating an automated savings plan
  2. developing financial discipline
  3. creating a budget
  4. determining alternative forms of cash flow
  5. developing a skill set

Well Being

  1. decluttering
  2. meditation
  3. spending “me” time
  4. participating in spiritual activities
  5. creating genuine connections
  6. serving mankind
  7. overcome a fear

This is just a very general list of areas that you can improve upon. I would love to add to this via user input in the comments below.

As you become a more self-actualized individual, improvements made in one area of your life can change how you view other areas in your life. Don’t try to grow only in one aspect, because that method is ineffective and inefficient. Develop yourself as a human being, professionally, emotionally, and spiritually.

– Neal

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