Creating a Productive Workspace

Creating a productive workspace is one of the most important actions that can improve your output. By creating a harmonious and organized workspace, you can improve your efficiency, which can lower stress, help you finish projects quicker, and get you noticed by your boss. If you’re self-employed or going to school, a productive workspace will allow you to study or work faster, which will free up more time for yourself. Follow these important steps to create a more productive workspace for yourself.

  1. The first thing you need to do is pick a productive location. Sometimes this isn’t always possible, especially if you work in cubicle land. However, those of you that do work from home, such as students or bloggers, this is one of the most effective ways to increase your productivity. Locations should:

    • Be isolated – Picking a location that isn’t in the hustle-and-bustle will allow you to focus better on your work.
    • Have natural light – Artificial light heats up your workspace, and isn’t as effective as the sun. I also tend to feel better when I increase my exposure to the sun. Don’t pick the basement. 🙂
    • Be free from distractions – don’t pick a location that you can look and see something distracting from, such as next to a window on a busy street.
  2. Next, declutter your workspace. Your desk should be free from garbage and distracting materials. Organize the items that need to be handily accessible so that they’re out of the way and not distracting. Remember, you need to focus on your work, not your toys. Put everything that isn’t completely critical -whether it be a stapler or a reference book- somewhere that is still handy, but not on your desk, such as on a bookshelf or in a drawer. This step is the most critical in creating a distraction-free workspace.
  3. Optimize your productive objects. If you print out and staple a lot of material, you should have the printer and the stapler closer to you and more towards the middle than your tape dispenser. However, if you don’t use them that much, but enough that you feel that you should keep them within arms reach, then you should put them off to the side. Make a list of all the objects on your desk and order it by the frequency that you use those objects. Then place the most important in the front, and the least important in the back This process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, but could increase your productivity greatly.
  4. Create productive assets. One of the things that I do that motivates me to be extremely productive is to make an ordered list of all the things that I hope to accomplish in a day, in order of importance. Throughout the day, I cross off the objects with a big black marker. If you’re doing creative work, such as writing a blog, try to find things that spawn ideas and hang them around your workspace. Put up motivational quotes, aesthetic pictures, a picture of your family, and whatever else you can think of that could possibly make your workspace a bit more enjoyable.

Implement these ideas, and I guarantee that your productivity will increase, and that you will experience the benefits from strong productivity. Let me know if you have any other suggestions in the comments below.

– Neal

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